Let's think

Let's not judge, let's not criticise, let's learn on honest and impartial grounds


Who am I?

I am the one who believes in  simplification and common sense approach, before getting on to other tools.

This website is about YOU. My opinions don’t carry any weight more than a person’s understanding.

I got some qualifications, a few hobbies and interests. I was touched when introduced with Human Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Research (as a subject) and Philosophy. Training and practice of these conducts was even more satisfying. I am interested in God.

Substitution of a single alphabet takes “mind” to “wind”. I believe the same happens to us most of the times. If we don’t keep an eye on these substitutions affecting our life, in particular the psychological side. We end up getting wound.

I intend to use these pages to communicate with my friends and colleagues initially.  Though everyone is welcome to comment or contribute.

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