This book is not available on Audible but is available on Audiobooks now. It’s Adolf Hitler’s biography. Ford (the translator) describes in foreword that it’s the account of important events in history of Germany as well. Hitler didn’t write it but when he was jailed he was given three typists who would type when he spoke hence the book came into existence.

I have already mentioned about it’s bleak, dark and negative anti Semitic message in one of my previous posts. To me it’s an excellent read for anyone who wants to understand a narcissistic mindset. Everything in the world had a personal reference for him. He is the centre of universe and the world revolves around him. He is the one who decides about the vice and virtues and he is the final judgement on everything. Due to place that he was born in and the circumstances he faced in life the same narcissism got attached/merged with German nation and German nationalism. That generated the circus that entire world has witnessed less than a hundred years ago. There are some interesting and reasonable points too that he discusses regarding how he tackled various practical situations whilst taking control of the German politics and power, out of which I found his approach towards generation and propagation of propaganda the most radical one. I found it an interesting read/listen after all. It’s a available in book form in many languages, the Urdu one titled “میری جدوجہد”.