I just finished these two books covering the history of the world from around 3000 BC to the early 1990s. Tom Holland is an atheist and has written the history of the ancient world in a rather unique way, focusing on “the battle for global empire and the the end of the ancient world”. As Tom doesn’t believe in any absolute deity thus he is sceptical about religions too. He starts from the region of Persia, then covers Romans then covers Arabs as the civilisations trying to take control of the world by attempting to generate global empires. As a part of the process Tom discusses that what methods these civilisations and the key people within them were adapting to gain control of world power. It’s an interesting description of history from a secular view point where religion is discussed as another aspect of these civilisations and nothing else.

Arne Westad is a professor of the world history in America. He covers history of cold wars between US and former USSR between 1947 and 1991. He covers the description of individual fronts in depth all over the globe whether that be Vietnam, Pakistan, Cuba, Afghanistan or Korea. Arne quite impartially/neutrally elaborates on all aspects of that have been leading to the conflict between nations and then how they were dealt with by two big superpowers. Last few chapters are dedicated to the fall of USSR and fall of Socialism. Character sketches of some leaders including JF Kennedy and Michael Gorbachev are interesting among extremely happening 50 years of the world history.