Long walk to freedom is Nelson Mandela’s autobiography. It covers the events of his personal and political life from birth till the freedom of South Africa from apartheid law. He was not born as Nelson Mandela and this name was given to him at the age of eight years old when his father died and his mother gave him for adoption to an affluent family as she being the third wife of his father couldn’t afford to raise him up. He was raised in this affluent family and could get some eduction to become a lawyer. This places him in the environment and circumstances that made him The Nelson Mandela. He describes that in early to mid 20th century the racism and discrimination in British colonial South Africa was so intense that for reason of just being in the system, led him to fight legal battle for his people. He describes various painful events of his political life including those that he experienced in the court and in the jail that made him more convinced about the cause of seeking freedom. He was politically active when Gandhi was in South Africa and fighting against imperial authorities of that time, however unlike Gandhi who took the stance of non-violence Mandela took the stance of violence and publicly owned it. This reason i.e. inciting people to violence turned out to be the main cause for his life imprisonment without possibility of payroll as it is considered as treason under the law. Mandela however defended himself in the court and was able to describe to judge and public that it was not undue violence but a defence mechanism and and protective technique that he and his countrymen needed to adapt to get rid of the unjust powers ruling them. The judges were not convinced and he was punished regardless. Finally the movement became stronger everyday and ultimately the government had to involve him in negotiations and finally accept the right to vote of majority ethnic community and later pass on power to Mandela and his party. At the end Mandela writes that getting the rights to vote and getting rid of apartheid was just the beginning of the process to find freedom and there still is a long walk to freedom that he aims to continue waking.