If you are interested in the interface of race, religion, culture and language then this biography is a very good case study. It would interest forensic psychiatrists and psychologist the most. This guy had a lifespan of 39 years. For first 10 years he faced the misery of losing his dad in a violent murder, then losing mother to Schizophrenia and then being fostered like seven other siblings. He left school in 9th grade and started engaging in petty theft and criminality. By mid teens he was a professional criminal engaged in pimping women, supplying and consuming illicit drugs and burgling homes in his locality. Then he became a part of gang war too. Finally he was arrested and imprisoned. In prison where he passed nearly ten years he got influenced by a preacher named Alijah Mohammad who preached for Islam and then he converted to what they called the ‘nation of Islam’ movement. This was not an ordinary preacher, he claimed that he was a prophet who can communicate with God directly and that he is chosen to unite Black men of America and bring them out of the centuries’ long slavery whether explicit or implicit. THIS STRATED A GREAT CIRCUS FOR NEXT TWELVE YEARS OF THIS MAN’S LIFE. He apparently having psychopathic and racist tendencies took it literally, along with the dangerous teaching that the evil in this story who is responsible for black man’s problems is the white man i.e the evil personified. Then this man had been preaching hatred for next twelve years in the name of religion not throughout America but throughout the world. I have hardly come across such absolute and complete hatred the way he expressed it in his book, ever since I read Hitler’s biography. Later he found that Alijohammad was a fake prophet and he was accused (later confirmed according to Malcolm) of having intimate illegitimate relationships with a few women with whom he had children. Their relationship ended but to keep the face value according to Malcom he was made an scapegoat and was expelled form Nation of Islam and finally killed. Before being killed he was able to go to Makkah to perform Hajj and it was there that he learnt for the first time ever what Islamic teachings were and how these teachings differed from what Alijha preached. He accepts at the age of 39, the same year he died that he had been a racist and a hate monger but again tries to justify that he did it for his nation, the black nation the panAfricanism. He predicted his own death and nearly died the same way that he foresaw and for the same reasons that he expected. His biography is a unique reading for many reasons. I wonder if someone has written a follow up boook in last hundred years that how much damage he caused to the civil rights movement in US for Black people and how much damage did he do to Islam. Once you read such stuff only then you can appreciate that people can truly believe and live for such things, otherwise it would feel unbelievable. Finally I would like to add that most of his pathological reactions were a response to extremely dysfunctional and racist American society especially where he grew. Hundred years ago things were different compared to now. Nothing however justifies the spread of hatred that he chose to do.