If you think about some primary philosophical questions as what is life and what is my purpose in it and this generates an urge in you of some existential enquiry then mindfulness offers some practical and non-philosophical answers to how to approach that existential curiosity. In every person lives a Buddha who discovers sooner or later that s/he is destined to die and suffer in this world and there is absolutely no possible way to avoid it. Mindfulness is practiced for nearly 4 to 5 thousand years now. Eckhart’s work is continuation of same tradition but Eckhart has brought simplifications and explanations to some basic ideas. Most important of which is the simplification between our ever disturbing ego (thinking mind) that he also call ‘pain body’ and our intuitive (inner peaceful self). He then explains in detail how to nourish the inner self and overcome the ever disturbing ego in various domains that it approaches us. There are many scientific questions that his descriptions raise but separate from that it offers many ways to achieve peace and tranquility of mind. I liked the later more than former. A nice read/listen after all.

“Those who like to stay in dark sometimes dread light” Elkhart Tolle