Where do we, the doctor,  find the motivation to fight against COVID19

  • We can all find motivations to carry on in life within ourselves. Everyone has their personalised reasons to fight their battles. It varies from time to time for us. Do you remember the high school, the medical college, the post-graduate training and the first job? None of them had been straightforward for you, though you had a chain of successes throughout that made you a professional that you are today. It simply was not possible without extremely hard work, dedication, commitment, persistence, perseverance and yes good luck indeed! You have demonstrated in life to have all these traits to the level of excellence.
  • Our families are a source of motivation for us all. Whether they are our parents, our spouses, our kids, our extended family or even our pets. There is always someone who holds the key to our heart and provides us with the reason to carry on for their sake. Did you ask yourself lately who that special one is for you?
  • Our professional ethics is our drive. We have been trained to cure, to heal, to save lives and to ease pain. Do you remember the loving smile and gesture of thanks that you received from your client who felt good after receiving consultation and using your prescribed treatment? A smile sometimes speaks louder than a thousand words.
  • Challenging times are a drive-in themselves. Do you recall how tough were some sub-stages? How tyrannical were some examiners? How demanding were some professional exams? And how awkward were some viva voice exams? They were scary and draining indeed. But could you also recall what did they bring you once you took those challenges and conquered them all? They surely made you more accomplished, more satisfied and more successful. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward!
  • We got drives as responsible citizens of the State. On reflection, the State has done a lot for us. Most of us were taught and trained in government medical colleges. The government-run institution charged me a few thousand rupees for a semester, whilst my counterparts were paying much higher amounts in the private sector. They owe to the State too, it was much less than what they were expected to pay out of the country. However, the finances are only one side of the story, our belongingness to our country transcends that. Let’s reflect that the citizens of the State need us, as never before. It’s only us who have the expertise and education to provide that support. This is a good opportunity to extend our aura of healing and circle of the cure for humanitarian reasons. As we know inside our hearts that money is not the drive there but humanity for sure is.
  • Humanitarian reasons drive us, even if we didn’t have any professional or civic reasons at all. The inner human being inside us always knows that “I prescribe or treat but it is the nature that heals”. Let’s remember this lifelong lesson that we learnt with every patient that we treated. Let’s do our best, leaving the rest to nature. We shall adhere to the same rule. We shall give our 100% and it’s on to nature to decide how to take things forward beyond our helping hands.
  • Faith and belief bring us to drive. Would there be anyone among us, who can’t remember a time in life where there didn’t seem to be any cynical or rationale reason to achieve the goal that we intended to achieve? Do you remember that despite all of our logical fears, God favoured us bypassing some rules and regulations that enabled us to conquer some hurdles in our pathway of life? Let’s recall that  God is all Love, all compassion, all kindness, all support, all care, all concern and all benevolence. He has delegated some of these powers to us, the doctors, that we shall use in the best interest of our clients.
  • As long as we are breathing and have a running pulse, we are also given a choice to fight or quit. No matter how hard the surprises, the challenges, the pressures and the catastrophes may be, we pledge to fight back. We may be a bit compromised and lacking on material sources or sophisticated tools but we shall never lack motivation, our fighting spirit and our inspiration to carry on. No one can compromise us on our willpower and our passion to advance.

Good luck doctors