Reham khan 21/30
So what’s the purpose of this chapter. I am unsure as a reader. Living in West in particular Britain I am mindful how important part pets make of life of an individual or of a family. In Britain we love them as family and the author had declared in one of previous chapters that once she had “Maximus” (her dog) she felt her family was complete for her. The author claims that Maximus was brought up in an utmost loving and caring manners. Although the initial part of chapter is heavily focused again on “I”, “my”, “me”, “mine” expressions in various areas of life especially in comparison with IK. At a point they become almost unbearable to read through and it turns out to be a breath of fresh air when description of “Maximus” starts in the chapter. For an impartial leader who has love of animals at heart, it is a bit annoying to appreciate after reading the entire description that why formal arrangements were not made to protect the animal. It feels like repeat failures to identify the risks resulted in damage to the owner himself in the form of getting injured in an attempt to rescue the dog from another as both were struggling to cohabit that is part of some animal instincts. Nonetheless the cohabitation doesn’t seem to be applying to animals alone there. There are metaphoric expressions drawn between the Western breeds of author’s Belgian Shepherd to Kaptan’s rather Desi “Motu” that is a cross breed between IK’s dog and another one gifted by military dictator Misharaf. The taste of Khan has been criticised again and again, in this scenario it is a rather unthoughtful choice of the name of dogs. Imagine how amazing is Maximus inspired from Russel Crow’s gladiator, a Hollywood box office hit compared to Paindu and Desi “Sheru”, “Motu” and “Sherni”. A comparison of brought up of IK’s kids from precious marriage to those of RK’s are repeatedly carries out in various scenarios, obviously those of RK’s being perfect and those of IK having huge set of problems of various types. Psychological, emotional, interpersonal cohabitation is as metaphorically evident in the descriptions as physical cohabitations of dogs. First declaration is also in this chapter by author that a family friend has informed her that IK is getting rather tired and fed up of their marital relationship. Author confirms that the couple is consummating but not conceiving. Khan has been depicted as a callous and unconcerned person who can sympathise or empathise with pain of other giving examples of same incident when author’s sons (IK’s step son) has been injured acting as a saviour for Maximus but author had to take care of entire matter on her own without any support from her husband. She uses the words following the particular incident that “that was that and that was all”. Perhaps it means that she had been drawing some final conclusions in continuation of relationship with IK. Based on experience of animal she seems to be appreciating that “Bani Gala is not a paradise for dogs after all” At the end of chapter author described that she had been subjected to continued cyber bullying. There is no explanation offered that why she has been particularly targeted by her ex-husband in past and now by the people from political party of her husband but nevertheless for some reason she is a favourite target of Cyber bullies who have identified a mistake on her website that turns out to be a false qualification claim by bullies that author clarifies had been product of a genuine mistake as she mixed up name of institutions in UK where she got her qualifications from with those where she was trying to find opportunities for her son. She claims that her son managed to gather all evidence to protect her mother but in author’s opinion it was too late and damage had been done already. The chapter ends in persistence self-praise which is a trend throughout the book including this chapter whether that be showing strong nerves on a helicopter caught in bad whether, getting high salary in anchor’s job, running a successful program on social media about successful people or getting first three jobs in UK without need of submitting the CV. Did I say that earlier, I think I did, I repeat that it’s hard to read such a never ending self praise that is totally self referring. If I copy all excerpts below that are about self praise, the entire chapter would need to be copied.


Reham Khan 22/30
Chapter 22 is the about next phase of author’s life. It would be more appropriate to say that it is more about the next phase of her married life with IK. In the beginning the trend of progression from chapter to chapter was her own life events, one after another at a good speed, that has been slowed down a bit now on few months of their married life together. In last few chapters each chapter has started covering eye witness’ account of an event in IK’s political career. Whether this be Dharna, or election tribunal request/outcome or (in this chapter) campaign across the country. Nevertheless all phases have personalised meanings for author and are purely described in context of her personal experience of the events. For example although on one side IK is doing country wide Jalsa’s and meetings as a part of his political campaign but what is important for author are the time periods and incidents when she is either expected to part of such events or is asked not to be part of an event. Both are generating significant difficulties for author and she seems to be approaching it from the point of view of a good wife that seems to be her primary approach throughout the book. Now here is a girl my dear Pakistani reader, your own girl, kept inside a protected inner city traditional house hold with strict Suni Deobandi religious world view, having strict primary education through Catholic Christian institution and being married to an alcoholic, psychopathic Phuphi Da Puttar that led to later exposure to many years of domestic, emotional, psychological and physical abuse. She was hardly ever given choice for a very very long time to make opinions off her own or to practice her freedom in any way. She takes pride and repeats endlessly that she gained and earned her freedom at a heavy cost. She has developed some expertise in media broadcast and a very basic introduction to media through BBC early morning, rather late night shifts as a whether broadcaster. She was never given the opportunity to learn or acquire expertise in logical thinking, in political sciences, in legal soliciting or law making or any field whatsoever that she can be called an expert in. She moves to Pak and is given opportunity to become a TV anchor for political TV shows and then landing into the life of a leading politics leader in the country, for whatever reason. Now the same person who has a quite self-centred point of views (rather product of any formal learning or education) has been placed in the life of this political leader who has nearly four decades of public persona, has unlimited public and political contacts both international and national and has a history of many aspects of his personality except for being her husband. The author has a rather fixed view (as a very good wife) that it is her responsibility to continue to identify, highlight and correct her husband’s mistakes as that is what good wives do. The Desi girl had been living in UK for some time and was able to get a British nationality as a dependent of main migrant (first husband). But she started her own career very late in her life when she is a British citizen and has responsibility for kids too. The Desi girl is qualified and experienced in British system at a basic level. At least not up to any degree where an institution or an authority is formally owning her as her trainee or expert. For example her first husband is owned by General Medial Council of UK and Royal College of Psychiatrist as a specialist wherever he may be in the world. Nonetheless once she lands in Pakistan she has changed role to anchor of political show (somebody having authority to criticise and judge anything/everything on political horizon). Desi girl is not only an expert now but has a voice and strong opinion too. This is reenforced by Mrs Imran Khan role in which she is utilising the opportunity that the role brings and fulfilling the accompanying responsibilities too. She claims that she apparently didn’t imbibe much of Western/British values except for those that she developed respect for and felt that they are better than Pakistani values. However it feels that the decision to merry an ex-playboy is more driven by imbibed British mindset of later life. The decision brings her in a mixed contradiction of values it appears, the rather Westernised portrayed new husband is not willing to adhere to strict Desi values of her world view and she seems to be not willing to accept any paradigm neatly whether purely rationality based British empirical approach or a spiritual and occult, taweez, nazar and jadu based local paradigm. The author is utterly confused in shifting between two paradigms and makes use of either to justify either her actions or to understand intentions of others. The reader can’t remain unaffected by these confusions either. She doesn’t want to own her ex-husband at any cost but is in a position that he is her Phuphi Da Puttar and cannot be removed from her life equation and she later doesn’t want to own the Westernised part of her second husband that again is inherently ingrained in him. When she gets confused she mourns that why her husband cannot understand her best intentions of a sincere and loving wife, nonetheless there is explanation offered to reader if she ever tried to understand the husband’s side of story, putting her own point of view on a side. Reading her description It strongly feels at some points like a Desi lady saying, “Bas Behan kuch na poocho yeh munnay kay Abba, meri koi baat nahe suntay, bas in ko to apnay dost mugh say zaida pyaray hain, hye ri qismat “. She doesn’t want to own Imran in his completeness but at same time doesn’t want her readers to disown herself and keep them reminding that Imran is not a true Desi or Muslim but don’t you forget that I am true Desi daughter of soil. That’s the story of this chapter, she feels people have put Jadu, Nazar, Taweez on her. She confirms that people around Imran had put a spell on her but she fought with by reciting religious scripts and carrying out religious rituals. It’s hard to fully ascertain what identity she has, is it Eastern or Western or a bit of both. The political journey of IK is going ahead and she is expressing personal opinions about everything that she is observing and sharing a number of personal dilemmas that she is exposed to amid that all.


Reham Khan 23/30
Chapter 23rd, what can be said about this chapter! Was this chapter ever needed in the book after all? I can appreciate now the opinion and point of view of those that have developed the impression of “Rehama Sutra” on reading this book. Out of entire book so far, they perhaps are referring to this chapter that has nothing else in the content except for intimate sex life of Imran Khan. Nonetheless the chapter is not written in a realistic manner to offer reader some insight into the love life of a high fi couple, but it simply seems like an attempt to express, and share all those very personalised discussions that IK had ever expressed about his love life, sexual adventures, past intimate encounters or a private expressions that he even had in intimate moments with his wife. A serious reader would be least interested in this staff given the purpose of book, if the purpose is writing a biography. If it is to expose personal life of IK based on personal discussions and gossips from people around then the purpose is served partially, though on extremely inadequate grounds and in a rather funny manner. As in previous chapters the timeline of gradual progression in IK’s career is followed but this chapter in particular is not time specific. A reference about IK’s sex life from any time period in his life, from adolescence to pre political to pre marital to current relation is all combined in a rather hodgepodge fashion perhaps to bring to reader her observation and understanding that “look this is what sex life of this supreme leader is”. Mohtarma Bhabhi G doesn’t mind writing what Imran said about other people or their wives whilst talking to her, what Zeenat Aman said about Imran or what kind of intimacy experience a famous female singer had with Imran Khan. Most of things are described by Imran to her as she calls Imran Khan the “gossip queen of the capital.” There is absolutely no other evidence offered to reader whatsoever. The narration is haphazard and raises the doubts of this particular chapter has been written in a stable state of mind, it raises questions in mind of an impartial reader of this has been written in a psychological state of revenge, disappointment, attack, desperation, resentment or possible attempted defamation. The possibility of a deliberate attempted character assassination of ex-husband cannot be fully ignored, though even if it is taken as that, it most likely is the counter defence or a reverse character assassination of that she is experiencing from some people in PTI (as per her description) but not from IK himself. Once she discusses Imran Jamima, her children’s interactions and expressions and her own reactions towards them, it appears the description of some British flick “East is East”. Desi husband in his mid 60s has an ex Gori wife and two mixed race kids. The Desi 42 years old has three Desi kids from last marriage with PDP. The Desi kuta and walati kuta are also part of story. Now Desi Baba is described is a full time tharki by current Desi Begum. But she is not willing to accept him the way he is and is consistently trying to change him to her values and her world view which is absolute and perfect and doesn’t need any alteration or amendment as it’s already designed and engineered to perfection. Walati Gori ex-begum has lots of money and the mixed race bachay know that very well that where the sensitive paternal strings in Abba Ji’s heart are. Likewise the Gori maim doesn’t mind keeping a post divorce relationship and pulling same sensitive strings through kids on proxy. Desi Baba Ji has strings attached straight with boys in London that doesn’t need any explanation. Now new Desi begum is listening to all gossip about Baba Ji’s past sex and playboy life style as she knew very well before tying the knot. Nevertheless when Tharki Baba is refusing to behave and carries out her four decades long chosen life style (though incorporating her as wife) the Desi Begum really feels upset and believes that she has been infested by Spells, amulets, jin, nazar and jadu and she finds bargains by arranging holy scriptures recitations to find some magical solution out of situation. What is lacking in this “East is East” family script is any true attempt by the couple to truly and completely communicate with each other which is different from sharing the bed or having intimacy, as she is clearly describe to have already undergone an emotional divorce but still finding reasons to carry on with a physical togetherness. The “East is East”
Show continues throughout the chapter and as expected from her previous description throughout her book that there was only one victim in entire story that is Reham Khan herself. Poor author can’t understand why the entire world is against her or for some reasons turns against her. Last time when I read “origin of species” by Charles Darwin I developed a strong feeling that I wish Darwin knew about genetic and chromosomes, though he could see that all in work but couldn’t give it a name. On reading RK’s account it feels, how good it could have been for her is she knew some basics of knowledge, evidence based criticism, personal reflexivity and nonetheless truth based honest writing beyond personal prejudices and biases as emotional reasoning carries no worth in academic world. Chapter starts with pointing out one after another human folly in Imran, talking every opportunity to belittle him and ends in same attempts. There is nothin else that this chapter offers. On a very funny note the author is confusing her PMS with a possible spell of magic.


Reham khan 24/30
Chapter 24 is a relatively brief chapter. The main topic is Reham finally getting fed up of false and baseless accusations that were brought to Imran about her past and about her life in Britain. Imran has been described as a character who would provide a listening ear to everyone and would never confront anyone or shut them up even if they are accusing his wife of something. Imran at the same time is also portrayed as one who would always try to find an excuse or explanation or description for his own words and actions or of those around him. He has been portrayed by author as one who would be focused on politics and party matters and on everything else except for married life with Reham. Nonetheless the author emphasises that he was a husband who though always lying and cheating on her mad listening to everyone’s accusations against her, was not keen to finish the relationship or divorce her. By her description it was her who started brining the demand of divorce to discussion having been fed up of his cheating and lying attitude throughout the ten months togetherness that they had. Needless to say that author is full of praise about herself about various contributions and choices that she is making. There are four to five major topics touched upon by author in this chapter including using her own personal finances to modify and refurbish Bani Gala residence contrary to Imran who is (according to her) always reliant on other people’s money and resources, managing finances on monthly TV salary and corruption in Pakistani media, people making up stories about her shady past, brief interactions with deceased General Hameed Gul, description of Imran’s past relationship with his
Girl friend Kristine Backer.


Reham Khan 25/30
Chapter 25 is mainly about the drug addiction habit and finally the divorce of the couple. In first half the author shares her persona observations that she finds strong clues about her husband’s consumption of Cocaine, Heroine, Ecstasy, Viagra and Rohypnol. As a result she describes that IK would have kicks and highs. RK claims that it was up to the degree of addiction but on the contrary also confirms that IK continued to function highly in the society and maintain a public life which suggests that functional impairment was not an issue. Being a wife she however describes that impairment was existing in intimate personal relationship with her that she believed was because of Cocaine. Nonetheless again she has been taking fertility enhancing shots by her description and had not brought this as a separate subject except in context of drugs consumption. Most of first half is then focused on drug behaviour, whether it is a less sexual sex in post consumption phase, forgetfulness on what is said and expressed in intoxicated phase or exaggerated phases of excitement at night resulting in unexpected and unplanned phases of dancing and romancing. The Kaptan however has a broad reportire and drug seeking is not an issue, perhaps it’s been delivered by friends, however ker is able to carry out and perform all activities whatever he like. Another view of author that doesn’t support addiction is that she describes that once he went to Saudia Arabi where he couldn’t carry drugs he was able to avoid it altogether for some period of time comprising of a number of days. The picture painted by the author is that of recreational but regular use that most likely is driven and perpetuated by emotional, psychological and physics factors. RK confirms that IK had been consistently assuring her to get rid of these bad habits and indeed agreed and identified them as bad habits. He by description of author took good control in initial phases of marriage too. He is described as repeatedly lying and making false promises to RK to give up bad habits that he couldn’t successfully accomplish. The drugs topic transitions into the topic of IK being an unconcerned and spineless husband who is not confronting the false and baseless accusation that have been spread about his wife on social media. He is listening to everyone and has his own suspicions too that he is hiding from her. As he is obviously connected to a huge number of people nationally and internationally therefore he has been receiving information and messages from all over the world about his new wife. Here is apparently the main source of entire confusion between the couple. RK has a claim that she has a clean, transparent and rather proud past where she doesn’t need to hide anything. On the other hand Khan has been flooded by lots and lots of people that RK’s past is shady, foggy and rather untrustworthy. It is obvious from reading that as RK is thrown into a maze and expected to make sense of multiple jigsawas about Various aspects of Imran’s personality whether good or bad. Likewise Imran has been flooded and bombarded about news, rumours and hear say or nasty type about her new wife. In ten month’s of their togetherness which is still a honeymoon period for a new couple, they both are fighting in their own fronts. Neither of them is an angel. RK is consistently insistent that she must be taken as all righteous, all perfect all noble Mrs Imran Khan now but she doesn’t seem to be realising that despite her self righteousness, her husband in few months has received a flow of news about her too most of which are not very healthy and is generating doubts and questions in his sixty plus mind. As it was appreciated in one of previous chapters that it is impossible to appreciate or understand even to a reasonable degree that why the entire cyber world is against RK. She has very ordinary and by some standards rather below average credentials of a house wife, tuned to whether broadcaster, turned to TV anchor, turned to a politician’s wife and a TV producer. Author can’t possibly take a pause here and think that there are hundreds to thousands of people like RK, some are much higher and superior in credentials, then why it would be RK only who has been the target of all this cyber bullying. The main reason RK gives to author is this being actions of her ex-husband, and the same apparently has been described by her as the final nail that was put in the coffin of their marriage. RK has been secretively spying on Imran’s phone and as a result developed an alternative view of his intentions or interactions separate from how he might have been approaching things. When Imran tends to explain or describe his intentions behind some actions RK labels him a liar a cheat and a bluff. Imran continues in life but tries to give one explanation after another that is dismissed and chain of lies for RK. For an impartial reader this is the second phase of divorce, i.e following an emotional divorce this is the trust divorce. The final reason what RK offers is again that she got access of Imran’s personal phone, read emails that had with other people and didn’t want to discuss with her and finally based on these findings (emails mainly) made a decision to tell Imran that their relation can’t continue. The content of emails according to RK suggested that Imran was in contact with her ex-husband Ijaz Rehman and also with a lady who had been defaming RK online, her name is Keistiane Baker. The appreciation and finding is so painful for RK that she has straightaway made up her mind and has dismissed any sort of explanation from Imran and has left the house in anger. It’s however is difficult to understand by reader that she herself described that Jamima’s then boy friend the comedian Russell Grant has been contacting Imran to iron out his relationship difficulties with Jamima which was not a problem at all for RK but of her current husband had contact Ijaz Rehman her ex-husband and her ongoing Phuphi Da Puttar then it had led to the divorce, kya yeh khula tizaad nahe.


Reham Khan 26/30
Chapter 26 compliments what has been initiated in previous chapter i.e. Divorce. Half the chapter is about the trauma and pain of divorce and half of it is about the effect of divorce on all family members discussed by author separately with names of each kid mentioned. The message for young daughters is rather hugely generalised and tragic for a developing mind as author states, “All men are bastards, some are more, some are less and some are utterly complete”. Her own son of course must be an exception. My pro feminist tendencies have received some cold shower here. Nonetheless the story moves on, she is focused on financial difficulties post divorce and has found that her first husband has moved in the same area where she lives and her children are attending the same school where her youngest one goes. The author concludes that this is a planned and deliberate effort by IK and IR and they have now joined hands against her. She describes that she is fearless and doesn’t bother any of them.


Reham Khan 27/30
Chapter 27, oh dear what can be said about this chapter and how would I find the most appropriate words for them. My female family members and friends are all in my friend’s list but despite being a frank open expresser of my opinions on subtle and fragile matters, I think there is some stuff in this chapter that I would not like to comment upon. It’s not that I am shying away from the topic, it’s because it is put in a rather accusatory and blaming manner without any sense of mutual respect, post breakdown relationship keeping or any sort of evidence whatsoever. It’s worded in a candid manner that would be norm in some street, newspaper or cheap internet blog but you don’t expect to find it in a biography especially in the context that it is expressed in. The words might have been kept the same to keep transparency and provide reader the exact information that author has noted but they are mostly not quoted verbatim and as nearly all of it is based in personal interaction and spying on IK’s phone, therefore it is highly plausible that the author could have taken a bit different, more polite and decent approach in some expression given the pride and honour she attaches to her Eastern values throughout the book. The accusations against IK are serious. It strongly reminds the reader of Shakespere’s Drama Othello. In Othello actually he has developed unrealistic and delusional belief of jealousy towards his wife that is deliberately implanted there by his friend Lago who is villain of the play. In short Lago keeps on putting doubt and suspicion in Othello’s mind against his wife Desdimona that eventually leads Othello to kill her based on all those false and baseless accusations. However before Othello murders his innocent wife he asks Lago to bring proof. Because he confronts Lago by saying whenever cast doubts in his heart against his wife, it is him who observed it and no one else does. It’s him who has a dream about them, notice something in body language or interprets something in her speech that he finds suspicious and then passes on that doubt to Othello’s mind. What’s the relationship here with IK and RK story? Its evident that the way RK has put the entire long chain of accusations against IK are all self referential, they are either based in on her personal and private interactions in which IK has himself provided her that information or at its best has been stolen from IK’s phone against his permission which obviously is again extremely person cantered. Throughout the book that reaches its extreme in this chapter. It’s so clear that though hurt and upset following divorce it is only Reham who seem to have access to this Lago (IK mobile) who continues to tell her and whisper to her about various interpretations of his actions and words that keep changing meanings for her before and after divorce. She frankly expresses that how things had dawned upon her and how following divorce she would appreciate a different meaning of things and actions that she had been a part of once married, the experience and interpretations of same set of actions is different in two points of time and it’s RK’s mind that is the final judge on that. The range of accusations on IK are huge, sensitive and serious. He had been accused of being a womaniser throughout that continues in this chapter, he had been accused of being a homosexual here and of being a sexual pervert who is keen on sharing sexting snd sharing sexually explicit stuff with multiple (describe as countless) women on social media on daily basis including pictures of his private parts. Nevertheless it is clear by the end of this 27th chapter that except for this character flaw in domain of sexuality and drugs consumption, even in that mindset of extreme hatred and resentment the author has not found any allegations towards Kaptan of corruption, of financial mismanagement or of being a non patriot to the country. Everything is focused and revolving around sex life of IK which becomes boring and rather irritating as a reader like me reaches the end of this chapter waiting for any other stuff to be introduced or any evidence to be shared that might be conclusive to make any final decision about IK. It doesn’t offer that but the reader almost can make a conclusive decision by now that RK has nothing else to offer except for gossip between husband and wife, observations of a wife and description of observation from IK’s phone Carrie out without his permission. In first quarter of chapter author is describing the emotional trauma that she faced post divorce and then she has offered brief character sketches of a number of characters all the context that how and when they provided some information to her against IK that she has passed on to reader as if it was s precious deposit that was kept under her guardianship. Self praise and self love is now accompanied to self pity too which becomes difficult to read at times.


Reham khan 28/30
Chapter 28 is about post divorce period and author’s account of restraining the social and financial stability despite all the damage and trauma that she experienced as an aftermath of divorce. She describes how media started throwing mud on her, how she was fired from her post as an anchor on NEO TV without any prior notification and without her last two months’ pay and how most of so called friends turned their backs on her because she was a divorcee and in need of money. She ultimately survived that and describes that despite experiencing all setbacks she was felt that she was reborn after finding some purposes in her life for example doing something for children of world and some other philanthropic pursuits. The rest of chapter is about author’s personals opinions about Pakistani, British and world politics that she agreed that she is relatively new to when it comes to understanding them all and when she attempts to make sense and put together all pieces of jigsaw in her mind. She is all in praise of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Noon league policies and quite frankly against PTI, it’s leadership and it’s policies.


Reham Khan 29/30
First quarter of chapter 29 is about the loss of author’s mother who suffered from Parkinson’s and old age. The rest of three quarters can be classed as “flashbacks of a Narcissist”. The author is in love with herself throughout, the way she expresses herself and the way she is keen to perceived by the author. The love of self and the hatred towards IK is the main theme for the rest of chapter, whether that be in context of description of characters like Ayesha Gullali, Jaghanhir Tareen, Asad Umer or some other unfamiliar names to a naive leader especially if one doesn’t have interest in PTI or Pakistani politics. The disliking towards imran has been expanded now to wonder circle, even his cook, his driver and his go for in the house have problems, flaws and are not treating RK as she would deserve. No one from top to bottom is undertaking that she is the one who is perceiving things correctly, most of people around Imran, in particular he himself are seriously mistaken, short sighted and unwise in particular when they are not taking the advice of a very sincere and visionary wife. The author goes to a trip to Deosai and, although she is appreciating the beauty of area but the main reflection again is that Imran Khan was lying and boasting out of proportion about this area’s beauty. It was good. It not that kind of good that IK said. Shame on IK that Deosai is not that kind of beauty as he described to her her words. She finally seems to reach the final conclusion that is the ultimate bliss of a narcissist i.e. this world would never understand, so let me fall in love with my own self again. This love of self is expressed in the paragraph as,
“ Girls, don’t wait for a man to take you on that honeymoon. Give yourself the holiday that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Finally, I was in love with my own life and my own soul. If you can do that, then you’ll find it to be far more gratifying than any relationship you will ever have.”


Reham Khan chapter 30/30
There is nothing important in chapter thirty except for continued reflections of author in post divorce period. The author has focused on her personal achievements with regards voluntary work, raising kids and being loved and honoured by co workers and most Paksinai people. Her continued love of self has found some final conclusions here, as she believes that she is a reborn woman and she also believes that she is still attractive for 26 years’ old and received loads of proposals in post divorce time period. She continues to live a happy life and describes that she wants to make happy and pleasant memories and to replace the painful and miserable one and she takes responsibility for that.

There are not much interesting stuff in this chapter expect for following two passages that show how much the author love herself.

“I think I really understood my worth after I left Imran. At 42 years of age, I finally understood. Everyone had predicted that I would be irrelevant after the divorce. In actual fact, I found myself swamped with marriage proposals. At 44, when I had no wish to ever settle down again, and had become this go-getting woman who put her comfort and work first, I realized that I’d suddenly become very attractive to even 26-year olds.”

“I always wanted a perfect loving home. It took me a long time to realise that it doesn’t have to have a husband or father in it to be complete.”