Let’s think of this thought experiment. Bill and Bob are two identical twins, They both are very very ill in in two very different ways. Bob’s body is dying but his brain in healthy, Bill’s brain is dying but his body is healthy. So what we do is that we do a surgery and we take Bob’s healthy brain and we transplant it in Bill’s healthy body and hence we mange to save one body and one brain as Bob’s body and Bill’s brain are beyond saving and are disposed. So the question is who wakes up after this surgery
1) Does Bill survive this surgery?

2) Does Bob survive this surgery?

3) Do both survive this surgery?

4) Can there be no real answer to this question?
There are no right or wrong answers but if you are able to make a choice could you share it in comments below. I don’t have any specific aims behind asking this nor I have a final answer. I am just aiming to find how different people may approach this experiment differently. 
Taken from the video by Patrick Strokes on his presentation on personal identity at Ethics Center in Sydney.