So where does the control originate from, the primary source of control lies within our own self. When a baby is born she sees the universe moving for her, if she feels hungry a bottle comes and feeds her, if she makes herself dirty then a hand comes and cleans her. This goes on till the baby develops some sense of identity and differentiates her from the mother and universe. The first impression of control comes at the same time when she appreciates that by some will or volition she is able to move her hand or take a step. She can change a thought into an action. The sense of control lies within its own self. She also appreciated that she can control her muscles but has no control on brain, liver or kidneys. Most of its own body is beyond its control. It is this sense of control that the baby generalises to the entire universe. The baby thinks that if I have a degree of control at some level then there must be some being that has control on everything as the entire universe seems to be moving at some level. What causes this movement is a separate story.