Nothing confuses me more than trying to comprehend the usage of word “We” by one of my friends. At times he uses it to refer to all the Muslims. What he means is’ We’ as opposed to Non-Muslims. He refers to ‘We’ stating that we have ruled the world in the past. When asked that they were Turks and Arabs whilst we are Indians then he doesn’t like the argument. I told him that apparently (if genetics is correct) we the brown coloured have a common ancestor and if at all we use the word ‘We’ it needs to be appreciated that our ancestors are Hindu converted to Muslims and at some point down the line we need to own our past identity and our common heritage that we share with various other religions. I also told him that the believer polytheist seems closer to a believer of Abrahamic religion as opposed to an atheist or agnostic irrespective of race and colour. He says that you don’t understand.

At times his ‘We’ refers to all Asians irrespective of religion as opposed to everyone whose skin colour is white. When I highlight that there is huge difference in English, Irish, European, Australian and Americans and there is great variability in culture and customs that had led to two great world wars, he says no they are all the same ‘Gora is Gora bas’. When asked how? He says you can’t understand.

Finally at times his ‘We’ refers to only two of us as opposed to our wives. I promptly agree without any argument. I continue to learn from him.