We humans have three faculties of our self that we use to gain knowledge. One is experimentation, touch the fire and learn that it burns, second is reasoning for example if the bread satisfied my hunger than it would be reasonable to think that it would do the same again, the third and most interesting is intuition for example two plus two is always four, Euclid rules of triangles and Einstein’s laws of relativity are all correct but has anyone ever seen a triangle showing its rules to us in nature, it’s all a priori decided and we explore them getting a final confirmation from our intuition that (intuition) in turn is universal and the discoveries and laws are all active in the universe indiscriminate. Reasoning and experience seem to be the tools to present things to intuition and get a confirmation or refusal but the connection of intuition with entire universe seem to be the final authority. Humans appreciation of their own intuitive self and then the connection of intuitions with universe have unlimited dimensions and possibilities contained within itself.