Our inherent ideas and ability give us evidence of God’s existence.

So it is really our mind that is the core of our existence. Our thinking proves we exist and the concepts we can understand with our minds alone are really the highest form of reality. So how did we get this human equivalent to an operating system?
We wouldn’t be able to have ideas if the ability to think hadn’t been given to us. As we possess this ability from birth, we ourselves can’t be the source. So something outside of us must be the cause of our ability to think.
After all, nothing can cause something else without existing and possessing the same property, or source, to a higher degree. For example, nothing without the property of warmth, like a fire, can make something else warm.
The ability to think is with us from creation, and this ability is the proof of our existence. Since we exist, and thereby think, from the time we are created, this also proves that this ability is in us from the start. This can only have been put in us by something with a higher level of thinking than our own. A supreme thinking being which is God.
So if God exists and he can create the highest levels of existence, what implications does that have for the body and mind?

Rene Descartes: Meditations on first philosophy