Me: Okay let me tell you about the frame of reference, you can’t even imagine how big this universe is

Respondent 1: I am hungry, do you have a piece of bread?

Me: Think, you ignorant, there are millions of galaxies, and do you know a galaxy contains billions of stars.

Respondent 2: I am penny less, I need some shelter for my kids who are exposed to intense cold, could these billions be converted to some money?

Me: No, no, no you fool, try to understand, Billions and billions of these stars are arranged into galaxies and our galaxy is only one of many trillions of galaxies.

Respondent 3: Ah dear, you are a bit late, I received diagnosis of terminal cancer yesterday, it’s too late for me to think and understand that now.

Me: O dear, I sympathize, all I was trying to say was that our planet is in Milky Way that is our galaxy and contains millions of stars and the main star in our proximity is sun hence the system we live in is called a solar system.

Respondent 4: Can they provide some ammunition and weapons? I am one who’s fourth generation is fighting the war, my country is bombarded all the time, I shall think about what you said if I find some security for my life.

Me: Yes and when you get time to think remember we revolve around sun, by we I mean those who live on planet Earth.

Respondent 5: I love her, she is attractive, but she gives me a damn, she is interested in my neighbor, can we discuss this all later, I am heart broken.

Me: It must be sad, but remember that most of the stars and planets in solar system are much bigger than Earth and on Earth we got three quarters of water and one quarter of land.

Respondent 6: I sometimes feel that I must try to understand it but I got no drive or motivation to do anything, I remain depressed all the time, yes there are sometimes when I feel on top of the world, can we meet then?

Me: We might plan to meet then, but shall I tell you that on planet Earth we got some 195 countries and they all have different cultures and traditions. Actually within the same country the cultural presentation changes every few hundred miles, even the way we speak the language/dialect changes.

Respondent 7: Come on mate you are taking it too seriously, I can understand that all after taking some wine and after smoking spliff. I am withdrawing now so you better leave me alone.

Me: When you recover try to think that we all have different genetic make ups, environmental exposures and upbringings and that all of these factors determine how we approach and interpret various stimuli.

Respondent 8: My own father raped me and my mother after consuming heroine brutally batter me, you might be right but my mind needs some peace.

Me: Yes and if you get a moment, think that we are nothing but collection of cells and we got microfibers and filaments and building blocks of proteins and nitrates and fats that can be further dissected to many levels.

Respondent 9: Yes I know and we can never answer the question how and why all of those building blocks are tied together and what magic is keeping them synchronous with themselves and with universe. There are many philosophies and theories but none is a final answer, nor there can be one.

Me: But imagine that we need to think about all this when we aim to understand our or anyone else’s frame of reference.

Respondent 10: All of this is made by a divine God that I don’t want to think beyond or besides, nor it generates any further curiosity in me. I know what the absolute reality is as I am born with it and that’s enough for me.

Me to everyone: I am sorry, I think my approach was rather misplaced, Could you kindly help me understand your frame of reference?

Respondents: Sure, why not, let’s talk about it.