Isn’t it a matter of common observation that none of the prophets, avatars, messiahs, nobles and wise who ever touched the life of mankind, ever chose to speak or preach to children. Yes they never did, because children already know and understand what these preachers are trying to teach and remind adults that they have forgotten. Children get together and start playing irrespective of any restrictions or reservations of cast, colour, gender, religion, creed, social class and any other man made marker. They turn themselves into objects of imaginative play in which they can incorporate the entire universe. So before you insist, force or blackmail a child to agree with your understandings of gods, religions, politics, power, love and hate, why don’t you let him or her develop the skills to learn itself. Why don’t you let them understand that how we understand things and how our understanding differ from others. Yes I am not ignoring and discounting your best intentions that you are driven by the desire and responsibility to do and think the best for them. But remember the child is neither your property not your possession. She is a full human being actively engaging, interacting and experimenting with nature. All you can do is to present your point of view in a polite and respectable way, respecting her difference of opinion in advance. If you need to child to protect your opinions in future without letting them undergo an honest trial in her head then remember that you are not acting in her best interest but in your own anxiety, fear and selfish interests that are just passed on to the child in inheritance. Let them develop in honest and truthful human beings beyond your own prejudices and interests.