Appreciate your uniqueness: you are the first person to ever have your exact genes and experiences.

We all know that every person is special and different, but have you ever considered the full extent of what exactly that means? You are special not only because of your unique thoughts but also because of your biology and your environment.
First of all, you are the first person ever to be born with your exact genetic makeup. Throughout the entirety of human evolution, there have been billions of different genetic permutations that have produced billions of different humans. In this unimaginably long genetic history, you are the first instance of your specific combination of genes. This makes you unique biologically, but also psychologically, because the makeup of your brain is also completely new and unique.
In fact, scientists have found that vast psychological and biological differences can even occur between identical twins.
A second factor that makes you unique is the environment you grew up in. You were born into a certain time period (which will never be repeated), and you’ve been a part of several groups and communities that will never exist again quite as they were: the people in your neighborhood, your family, your school class, etc. Our environments shape us tremendously, and only you have experienced your exact cocktail of environments, which will never influence another person in exactly the same way again.
So appreciate how unique your life is, both socially and biologically. Your exact experience has never existed in human history, and it will not exist again. You were born with an entirely unique biological makeup, and entered into entirely unique social circumstances. This results in a life experience that can never be recreated.

Book name finding your element, author Ken Robinson