Group conformity, Group validation and Group approval all generate pressure for individuals living in a group and it is usually natural for individuals to seek conformation from group by their actions and expressions. However group conformation is dangerous thing at the same time and can steer people in unknown directions blindly. I am watching the greatest display of this mind set on facebook. Those people who are perfectly well settled in their lives and surroundings are choosing to spread ideas and opinions that they don’t have any basic knowledge or understanding about. The actions are driven by group identity which range from being member of a community till being member of a particular religious group. Its takes rather a ridiculous turn, when those who have never experienced slightest uncertainty in life are choosing to deliver lectures on how uncertain people are feeling in turbulent areas of the world. Even more ridiculous situation is of those who can stubborn about their personal identities. For example Uncle Sam is choosing to validate anything if it is coming with a label of his religion, then preferably his sect, then preferably his area of residence then his ethnic group and finally from his cast and family labels. On the other hand Uncle Sam knows nothing about ground realities and when a message comes from sources that have conflicting labels i.e. that doesn’t fit neatly according to his personal identification then he gives a simple explanation that , “I am better than others because I am at least doing this, whilst you are choosing to do nothing”.
Let me assure you one thing Uncle Sam that the blind pursuit of group conformity is a never ending journey that would keep you driven forever because if you are not interpreting facts with your own mind and are instead driven by the demand and need generated by others then there will always be another demand waiting after the one that you have satisfied just before. The group might demand you to sacrifice your life tomorrow and groups are demanding it, are they not? Please use your own mind and there is no compulsion on you to spread those ideas and believes that may touch your heart emotionally but you don’t have adequate factual knowledge to believe that they are even correct or not, whatever label they might carry.