I had this quite strange conversation (almost turning to an argument) with a gentleman last week who was trying to convince me that staying in the UK is against the directives of the religion (of course in his own personalized understanding of religion and certain directives of his religion). It’s painfully unfortunate to listen to such personal arguments ascribed to and put forward as related to religion in any way. The gentleman came to UK as a struggling professional, was penniless and was striving to desperately enter the system ready to sacrifice anything for it. As soon as he received the degree and a licence to practice at a reasonable position all of a sudden he started appreciating that living here somehow interferes with his religious practices. I wonder why such people don’t have these appreciations when they are struggling. What is their understanding of any particular religious directives in the earlier striving phase of their life? I am guessing, it would probably along the lines that when you are struggling and you are poor you can adjust at any place irrespective of the impact it might have on your religious understandings. Fair enough it’s time for you to leave anyway and we certainly acknowledge that it produces a good financial gain which might be the reason for your decisions. BBye