AOA Mr Shah
I hope all is well on your side and pray the best for you. In my limited virtual interaction with you through your book which I recently bought from local store I feel that you are filled with the passion for public services, greater good and spreading basic morality. I am a common reader of Urdu literature and have read some books from famous authors which indirectly and patchy talk about what is commonly considered spirituality in general terms. I am not talking about Ali Hajveri or big pioneers I am talking about QU Shahab and M Mufti here. I was most impressed by Mufti’s approach in few ways. Most importantly that he was an honest and truthful person which I gather from the first part of his biography where he calls himself “Ailee” and his acceptance and appreciation of his own confusions emanating from his acquaintance with some Western authors which were different from common cultural religious approach and interpretation prevalent at that time and still endures. This helped me at least honestly read and understand the second part of his biography where he talks about his supernatural experiences and those around him. At one point he talks about you too. More interestingly in his later life he became more interested and focused on those Western authors which agreed with his religious inclinations at that part of his age writing the “Talash” which I believe is a masterpiece and I am in no way criticising him.
Mr Sabir advised me to keep the letter short when I contacted him asking for an appointment therefore I am not reflecting more on other people’s experiences and writings and would come to my question straight. I am desperately seeking the tools which ease the way to “guidance”. I have the biggest and most powerful one “Iyya ka Nastaeen” which I repeat a few times with my crippled presentation and it does work. However I admit that I am too laidback and too sceptical in certain areas where you might be able to help.
Being a student of human brain, human psychology, human psychopathology, health research, epistemology and hypnosis I feel there are a number of questions which arise. I did not get satisfied by this patchy knowledge the above authors have shared and or your general talks in this particular book. Let’s be honest. Let’s be respectful to everyone. Yes, Mufti is honest, so is Richard Dawkins. Ishfaq is full of knowledge so is Steven Hawking and Darwin. Didn’t Darwin say that I don’t intend to negate God but invite you to look at things this way too? Didn’t Jung write that modern man is searching for a soul these days (well nearly 100 years ago now)? When I learnt health research I learnt two very important words for my lifetime. They were Bias and Confounding. I have learnt to avoid them both as much as I can. Western literature is full of some extremely spiritual material as well. On global stage it’s no more of an intellectual debate among Hindus, Christians and Muslims now as much as it is between Theism and Atheism. Political and power picture is different.
Sir, in this age you are talking about communicating with dead, receiving messages from supernatural sources and predicting about future (referring to Mufti’s book about his pilgrimage and book). Do you think such ideas are comprehendible (let alone presentable) in any way unless someone is full agreement with you and is dipped and dripping in personal “Aqeedat” with you. Let me put it another way for example most of the experiences QU Shahab writes in his book are well known mental experiences, well researched and well explained experiences. “Out of body experience”! Yes we know almost know what brain areas cause it. Why should be ascribe it to some complicated spiritual exercise? Sleep paralysis is well known. Hallucinations are common. I wonder why these people are insisting on ascribing it to the religion or religious experience. Nonetheless at the same time I agree that in these peoples’ cases such experiences are apparently playing an altogether different purpose than what they would do for someone else after consuming hallucinogenic drugs or after damage to brain areas. Do you really believe that any such interactions exist or could it be just a connection drawn between mental experiences and person’s belief system and then given a religious/spiritual explanation? I am mindful that world spiritualism is now strongly being used out of the context of religion as well so let’s add it could be spiritualism in any way? Lastly even if such experiences have randomly touched some people’s life how are they ascribing them to the path of guidance? Is there a connection there? Does this avenue lead to this desired direction? Kindly consider me helping to understand. I shall be grateful. I am sorry despite trying to keep it concise I am gone above one page length.