Spiritualism has no fixed definition.  In fact it is not possible to define it because one cannot define the spirit which it refers to. The word spirit is sometimes used synonymously with soul or ghost as well. The term spirituality is used in different ways in various school of thoughts and its usage kept changing throughout the course of history. Broadly the term is used in both the religious and non-religious traditions.  Among the religions the term might be used in a unique way strictly referring to a certain idea or understanding particular to a specific religion, set of beliefs or sect. The broad divisions among the study of  comparative religions are Abrahamic, Indian and Taoism. The term spirituality is dealt with differently in all of them. In modern age the term is used separately from religion as well i.e. spiritual but not religious, sometimes also called post-traditional spirituality or new age spirituality. With development of modern mind sciences some non-religious spiritual approaches are also used for therapeutic work for example recovering from addictions (Alcoholic Anonymous). There are some key words attached to particular religion which may refer to spirit or spiritual experience. for example Judaism uses the word Kabbalah.